Wednesday, 27 May 2009

Holly (the honorary Papillon)

Holly is recovering from her operation yesterday. As planned she was spayed using the keyhole method - Laparoscopy. She is not amused and making me feel quite guilty for putting her through it. She could well win an Oscar for her performance! Only food fit for human consumption will do, she's turning her nose up at any dog food or treats. My vet has done another wonderful job and she is well on the road to recovery. You can read more about it on their website

Time Standing Still

Not much to report. I have not been too well recently, trying out different medication which has caused some nasty side effects, don't know whether I am coming or going at times!! (and no comments from those that know me thank you very much!! lol) I had to withdraw from a judging appointment in Ireland which I did reluctantly but at the advice of my doctor. I did manage to go to SKC and the Scottish Club Show to watch judging and catch up with friends which was fun. Hopefully I might even get to show young Midi in the summer or at least before he qualifies for veteran classes!